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seek recognition? ms. mccollum: mr. chairman, i have an amendment at the desk. the clerk: amendment number 1 printed in part b of house report 112-660 offered by ms. mccollum of minnesota. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 773, the gentlewoman from minnesota, ms. mccollum, and a member opposed each will control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from minnesota. ms. mccollum: as you've already heard here today, h.r. 5545 is missing an awful lot of important details and taxpayer protections. one major admission in this bill is the failure to acknowledge the treaty rights of minnesota's tribal nations. treaty rights are predominant concern in this land exchange because unspecified lands are under consideration in h.r. 5544, because we don't have a map. they're all within the superior national forest which is governed by the 1854 treaty between the chip with a nation and the united states -- chipewa nation and the united states government. it guaranteed that tribal nations can continue to fish, hunt and gather and otherwise use the land to support their way of life
to yield to the gentlelady from minnesota, ms. mccollum, as much time as she may consume. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized for as much time as she may consume. ms. mccollum: the house should not be spending its limited floor time on this bill. the house should be debating the american jobs act. the president's plan to put nearly two million americans back to work without adding a dime to the deficit. i stead today the republican majority has a land exchange bill on the floor that is completely unnecessary. i want to stress that. it is unnecessary. the state of minnesota, the u.s. forestry service have all the authority they need to finalize this land exchange and finalization is what they are working on. there is a stakeholder process under way in minnesota to determine the proposed land sale and exchange and it's under way. and they are going to do it. and they are working on it. with everyone at the table. so why are we debating this bill at all? i was a state representative for many years, and i worked on a lot of land exchanges. and i never worked on a land exchange that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2